Misaligned, Crooked or Spaced-Out Teeth

When you see spaced-out or misaligned teeth in kids, you may think it’s your fault as a parent, but there are many reasons for kids’ crooked teeth. To assure your children have straight teeth as adults, call Tiny Smiles Pediatric Dentistry — in Woodbridge, New Jersey,  in Harlem, NY or on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Whether the problem is misaligned, crooked or spaced-out teeth in children, these dental professionals provide options to proven treatment.

Are Misaligned Teeth in Kids a Problem?

Misaligned, crooked, and spaced-out teeth are common issues in the early stages of a child’s dental development. Malocclusion in children refers to some form of misaligned teeth, characterized by crowded or crooked teeth. While spaced-out teeth in children may resolve with time, you should visit a top pediatric dentist. Misaligned baby teeth seem like a temporary problem, but it can 4 week anavar before and after female worsen when the permanent teeth emerge.

At Tiny Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in Woodbridge, New Jersey and in Manhattan, New York, a board certified pediatric dentist examines your child’s teeth. These dentists have the latest equipment for diagnosis and treatment of a full range of dental issues in children, from cavities to concussion injuries.

What Are the Symptoms of Misaligned or Crooked Teeth?

Your dentist starts with an assessment, looking for misaligned teeth in kids. Some signs of misaligned or crooked teeth in a child include:

With the modern equipment at this the state-of-the-art dental practice, your NYC or NJ pediatric dentist is best suited to diagnose your child’s dental problems. After assessing the symptoms, the dentist may recommend treatment.

How Do Kids’ Misaligned and Crooked Teeth Occur?

Your kid’s dentist may identify the causes of your child’s misaligned, spaced-out or crooked teeth. The causes and risk factors include:

Hereditary factors

Hereditary factors. If you have a history of crooked or misaligned teeth in your family, you may notice the same in your child.

Late baby tooth loss

Late baby tooth loss. Losing baby teeth is natural, but if these primary teeth don’t fall out, it may lead to crowding or misalignment.


Injuries. Dental injuries, including facial traumas, are always a risk for children. An untreated tooth injury may lead to a misalignment.

Prolonged childhood habits

Prolonged childhood habits. Some habits, including tongue thrusting, pacifier use, prolonged bottle feeding or thumb-sucking may push a tooth out of position, leading to crooked or misaligned teeth.

Poor dental hygiene

Poor dental hygiene. Lazy oral health habits lead to tooth decay, caries, infections and eventual tooth loss.

Jaw size

Jaw size. A smaller jaw may promote teeth crowding, crooked teeth and misaligned teeth in children.

The experienced pediatric dentists at Tiny Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in New Jersey and New York City provide treatment options for crooked or misaligned teeth, while addressing other common dental problems in your kids, such as plaque or tartar, sensitive teeth and tooth discoloration. They also know when to start braces and orthodontics.

What Are the Dangers of Misaligned or Crooked Teeth?

Crooked, spaced-out or misaligned teeth in kids pose several problems, including:

Dental sealants provide a good value, given their proven effectiveness. At Tiny Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, the dentists specialize in dental health care. Your dentist recommends dental sealants if your child may benefit from them.

What’s the Treatment for Kids’ Crooked Teeth?

Every child with misaligned, spaced-out or crooked teeth needs an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Your dentist discusses treatment options with you that may include:

If you notice misaligned, crooked, or spaced-out teeth in your child’s mouth, don’t delay taking action. An early diagnosis and intervention may protect your child’s dental outlook and prevent psychological trauma. Contact a dentist at Tiny Smiles Pediatric Dentistry today for the best pediatric services in NYC and in NJ.

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