Fluoride Varnish Treatment

A fluoride treatment for kids protects both primary and permanent teeth from decay, cavities and other dental issues. A fluoride varnish containing silver diamine fluoride or SDF, applied after a dental cleaning, sticks to your kids’ teeth, adding a protective layer over the enamel. SDF treatment even strengthens the enamel. Call Tiny Smiles Pediatric Dentistry today to schedule an exam for your children.

What Is a Fluoride Varnish Treatment?

Fluoride varnish is a topical dental treatment for dental sensitivity and tooth decay by strengthening the tooth enamel. Fluoride treatments like silver diamine fluoride (SDF) are an effective preventative procedure in kids’ dental care. The varnish substance contains high levels of fluoride, a naturally-occurring mineral in foods and water that:

  • Strengthens your kids’ teeth
  • Prevents enamel demineralization
  • Protects against cavities

A fluoride treatment for kids also promotes the healthy development of permanent teeth. The mineral makes teeth more resistant to the acid from bacteria. Top pediatric dentists recommend a fluoride varnish application twice a year. The dentists at Tiny Smiles Pediatric Dentistry offer fluoride treatments as part of their preventative dentistry care at their offices in Woodbridge, New Jersey, Harlem, NY and on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

How Does Fluoride Varnish Work?

Fluoride varnish works to promote good oral and dental health. A silver diamine fluoride treatment is a common form of fluoride treatments used by pediatric dentists. This product helps in three different ways, including:

Remineralizing the enamel.

Remineralizing the enamel. A fluoride varnish such as SDF works on the outermost layer of your teeth to remineralize them. Remineralization is a process that bathes your teeth in minerals like fluoride, calcium and phosphate, reinforcing what they normally get from food, water or other treatments.

Eliminating bacteria

Eliminating bacteria. SDF acts against bacteria in the tartar and plaque that build up on your teeth from leftover food particles. Bacteria eat away at your teeth and may lead to periodontal disease.

Treating hypersensitivity.

Treating hypersensitivity. Many children suffer from tooth hypersensitivity. A fluoride varnish, such as a silver diamine fluoride treatment, strengthens the dentin layer of your teeth, which is the sensitive layer under the enamel.

At this state-of-the-art dental practice in NYC and in NJ, board certified pediatric dentists  leverage the latest technologies and best preventative practices, including SDF treatments and restorative treatments, to keep your children’s teeth and gums healthy. You can count on the pros at Tiny Smiles Pediatric Dentistry for great care and an engaging manner with your kids.

What Is the Fluoride Treatment Procedure?

A fluoride varnish treatment is a quick, painless, in-office procedure. The main steps in the treatment include:

  1. Consultation. During your visit, your dentist asks about your child’s overall oral health history to determine the dental risks your kid generally faces. Not every child is a good candidate for a fluoride varnish treatment.
  2. Assessment and evaluation. During a regular dental check-up, the dentist performs a comprehensive check for any developing dental issues, such as caries, early gum disease, hypersensitivity, any failing restorations, chronic bad breath  or misaligned, crooked or spaced-out teeth.
  3. Dental cleaning. Usually, the dentist cleans any plaque or tartar from your child’s teeth. The prophylaxis procedure cleans the teeth to ensure the effectiveness of the varnish.
  1. Varnish application. Some fluoride products require different applications. For SDF, your dentist dries the tooth and uses a special brush to apply the liquid onto the tooth surface.
  2. Aftercare. Your pediatric dentist advises your children to avoid eating or drinking for about 30 minutes. For about four hours, your child must avoid chewing hard foods or brushing so the fluoride varnish can have the best effect.

What Are the Benefits of a Fluoride Treatment for Kids?

Fluoride treatment for kids is one of the most effective ways to ensure a bright healthy smile for your child. The development of fluoride technologies including silver diamine fluoride, has improved the effectiveness of dental care. The benefits of a fluoride treatment for kids include:

  • An effective procedure. Because fluoride varnish has a sticky texture, it adheres to the surface of your child’s teeth. The longer it stays on the teeth, the more effective the treatment.
  • Protection for healthy teeth. Tooth decay affects millions of children. Treatment with a fluoride varnish makes your child’s teeth stronger and more resistant to cavities.
  • Brighter, healthier smiles. By promoting strong, healthy teeth from an early age, an SDF treatment protects against periodontal disease and other dental problems that may otherwise affect your kid’s dental health.
  • Ease of application. Fluoride treatments are easy to apply. The in-office procedure takes place during a regular dental visit, it’s fast and painless to apply and the effect lasts a long time.
  • Cost savings. Fluoride treatments, such as silver diamine fluoride, save you money in the long run. Your child’s teeth become stronger and more resistant to bacteria. You avoid high dental bills in the future through a preventive SDF treatment today.
  • Safe, natural treatment. Fluoride is a naturally-occurring substance present in food and water. Doctors recommend fluoride treatments to complement insufficient supply in the water or to compensate for demineralization over time.

At your favorite pediatric dental practice in Woodbridge, NJ or Manhattan, NY, your child’s dentist takes the time to explain this simple procedure. The kid-friendly dentists are trained to engage your children while delivering exceptional services. Contact a dentist at Tiny Smiles Pediatric Dentistry  for long-term care of your children’s teeth.

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